We are

a company dedicated to the presentation of solutions and products of high technical level in the scope of the Transformation and Commercialization of Technical Adhesive Tapes with and without support, Foams and Felts.
We have the capacity to respond to most of the problems proposed by our customers, creating solutions and individualized products. We adapt our production line to meet the specified requirements, creating products of excellence.

In order to respond to our Continuous Improvement design, we have increased our technical and economic capacity in order to provide our customers and employees with greater stability and satisfaction that we intend to achieve in the context of our company.

Our motto "Serving with competence" is the starting point for a future of Rigor and Professionalism.



As a result of our growth and in order to improve our production capacity both in quality and efficiency we decided in 2015 to build facilities that are appropriate to our objectives.

We have created a welcoming, modern and functional space for both our employees and our clients. With around 3000m2 and areas dedicated to storage, production and management,
we have everything organized in order to improve our processes, making them fluid and effective, thus giving shape to our Quality Policy.


The need to continuously improve management and production sectors has led us to obtain the Quality Management System Certification according to the ISO 9001 standard, which reflects a desire to permanently improve our manufacturing methods, adapting and creating tools to enable us to provide excellent products for our customers.

As a result of our growth and evolution, we are implementing the IATF 16949 standard, which will allow us to continue to integrate the chain of certified suppliers of our renowned partners in the automotive sector.

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Since our creation we have decided to make the difference in our industry and we have unequivocally bet on technical competence, rigor and professionalism.
The implementation of the Quality System was a consequence of our aims: permanent improvement of our products and total satisfaction of our customers. We are founded on a quality policy that leads us to want to permanently achieve the following goals:

- Meet the needs and requirements of our customers by providing superior products and services.
- Presenting innovative solutions, creating high quality products.
- Have the necessary resources to permanently achieve the Quality Objectives.
- Continuously train our employees.
- Optimize our resources in order to implement the standards of the industry.
- Continuously improve the effectiveness of the system.


Our will to "Serve with Competence" impelled us to acquire the equipment for the production sector to create products of great quality with high efficiency to preserve the planet resources.
Our company uses state-of-the-art computing systems witch, with our software tools, are able to maintain the necessary control to implement our quality policy.
Our employees as central element of our processes, receive continuous formation oriented to their working place, operating the equipment with maximum safety and efficiency.